About us

Remember a time when the milkman delivered a fresh bottle of cold milk to your doorstep or when you knew your postman’s name. Nostalgia floods our memories with happiness of a bygone era but we quickly return to the present. Intimate has been replaced with distance. Conversation has been replaced with texting. Passion and pride has been replaced with 8 to 5.


It would be naïve to believe that change is not required. It would be commercial suicide to ignore change. But what if we could bring back the nostalgia all wrapped up in a quality package with the latest technology, the quickest internet speeds, real time response and superior skills.


Bravopro , under the leadership of Zalman Ash, a young and dynamic technology expert with a love for gadgets, inventions and cutting edge technology is providing world class IT solutions but with a difference. Zalman’s philosophy of being personally responsible and accountable for all advice, implementation and support is the thread that runs through Bravopro’s culture and work ethic. Zalman knows every one of his clients and their environments intimately and engages with them on a regular basis to ensure that they are receiving the best services and solutions in the market place and their every need is taken care of.


It is not good enough to care without considering cost. We live in a world where costs are prohibitive and solutions without value can never be great no matter how well they work. Bravopro is all about the total package and has invested its time and resources into the services, solutions and products that are brilliant and make financial sense.


Talk to Bravopro about making a difference to your IT requirements in the following areas: 


  • Let Bravopro provide you a solution that is faster with more capacity and costs less
  • Bravopro offers cloud solutions to companies of any size.

  • Bravopro is a value reseller of a wide range of products ranging from pc’s, notebooks and servers to tablets, mobile and networking devices

  • Bravopro offers excellent support services for all its services and solutions using real time cloud resolution technology and highly skilled call centre and field engineers